VIDEO: Niniola Ft. Busiswa – Magun (Remix)


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Better known as the Best Collaboration of the Year. Nigeria’s Queen of Afro-House NINIOLA and South African Vocal Power-House BUSISWA both gave us MAGUN REMIX the audio; now sit back and enjoy how they both take us on this fun filled video directed by Clarence Peters.



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Live interview with 98


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    My name is obinna Ewulu
 Born 20th of April.


  I was born and brought up in Lagos state,Nigeria. Ago-okota to be precise.
   I later moved to Anambra during the early stages of my career from which I acquired more life experience, but I’m back to Lagos now.


  Well I’ve generally been encompassed by music, My Grand mother is a musician,My father sings constantly and he even had an acoustic guitar and an excellent piano in his senior sibling would dependably play Chris brown colored tunes each moment.that kinda drew out my ability and my excitement to be heard musically. At 11 years old I formed my first tune which I would continually sing at home and in school,I was acknowledged and known for music in school And would dependably win rap fights and free-form each day with my colleagues. Continue reading

Joy Is Within Us


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What is happiness, and why can we perpetually run once it?

What will it mean to be happy?

What is the distinction between happiness and pleasure?

It is a hot summer day, and you’re feeling thirsty. an admirer offers you a refreshing cold glass of fruit drinkhowever does one feel after you see the glass? however does one feel once to drink it?

Will you describe your feeling as happiness or as pleasure? i feel you may say it’s a sense of enjoymentthere’s a association between these 2 sorts of feelings, and someday one evokes the oppositehowever they’re not an equivalent factor.

Pleasure is perceived through the 5 senses, whereas happiness isn’t dependent of the 5 senses.

Pleasure may be a sensible feeling that comes from ingestion sensible food, look a decent show, feeling the nice and cozy caressing rays of the sun on a winter day, or having fin at a celebration. Pleasure must do with enjoyment involving the 5 senses and relies on circumstances, objects and folks.

When you ar happy, minor unpleasant events typically don’t disturb you, however after you ar sadyou’re feeling as if everything is against you. you would possibly atone for this, by ingestion chocolate and sweets, as a result of this offers you pleasure.

You may smoke a coffin nailas a result of it provides you pleasure, however this doesn’t cause you to happier, especially, if you acknowledge the actual fact that smoking isn’t sensible for your health.

There ar individualsUnited Nations agency concern that if they expertise happiness, it’ll be shortly moved out from them. They regard it as a brief state, and ar afraid to expertise it, lest they break downthey need to avoid the pain which may follow once it goes away. They believe that happiness is usually followed by unhappiness.

Others would possibly head to the acute of not seeking it in the leastas a result of they feel unworthy it, and like to avoid it. There also areindividualsUnited Nations agency perpetually look behind their back, wondering, whence can come back the blow.

The physical world is usually in an exceedingly state of flux. At every moment, a brand new factor is being created, sustained, changed, reworked so destroyed. this is often the traditional state of affairs, and nobody will amendment it.

No scenario remains because it is. These ar the laws of nature.

This means that if we have a tendency to attach ourselves to a precise scenariowe have a tendency to ar absolute to expertiseunhappiness sooner or later.

When circumstances amendmentand also the changes don’t seem to be to our feelingwe have a tendency to expertise unhappiness. On the opposite hand, if we have a tendency to exercise detachment, nothing will influence our moods. Then, external events don’t have anything to try and do with our inner joy and peace of mind.

From the instant of birth, there’s looking for happiness, and endless race towards it. it’s thought of mutually of the best positive attributes. If we have a tendency to analyze our actions, we have a tendency to see that each one of them ar in a way or another, happiness boundeverybody desires to feel sensible and happy. once circumstances and events ar to our feelingwe have a tendency to ar happy, and after they don’t seem to bewe have a tendency to feel miserable.

Happiness Is among USA

Continue reading

ASA ….. 7 things you didn’t think about the artist/lyricist


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Her mark fear locks and peculiar glasses, Asa has during that time won hearts with her profound voice and frequenting verses.images (16)

Born Bukola Elemide in ParisFrance, singer/songwriter, Asa won hearts across the world with her soulful voice and in-depth lyrics.

With her dread-locked hair, quirky glasses and guitar, she earned a place as the de-facto patron saint of the cerebral, boho-chic Nigerian. But asides her mean singing and guitar skills, there’s much more to the ‘Bed of Stone’ artiste than music and lyrics.Screenshot_20180114-180845.png

Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about Asa.

  1. Grew up in Ogun state: Although she was born in Paris, she returned to Nigeria when she was 2 years old and lived with her family in AlagboleOgunstate. As the only girl with 3 brothers, she would often look after the house by herself owing to the fact that her parents were frequently away from home.

  2. She almost quit music: While she was a guest on ‘The Midday Show With Toolz’ on the Beat 99.9fm, the award-winning singer admitted that she had serious doubts about her third and latest album and decided to give up singing at some point even going as far as enrolling in the University of London to study something else.

  3. She prays in Yoruba: Asa who speaks French often laces her lyrics with Yoruba and admits that she’s very at home with this being that Yoruba is her native language. She also admitted to praying in her native tongue as she believes ‘God listens faster in Yoruba’

  4. Only drinks water: When asked what the worst rumour she’d ever heard about herself was on ‘The Midday Show With Toolz’ she revealed that it was the fact that she took drugs. ‘It doesn’t even make sense, I only just take water, for Chrissake’ she had declared in exasperation.

  5. She recorded her latest album twice: The “Bed of Stone” artiste shared that she faced a few challenges with her latest album and even had to record it twice because the first one didn’t feel true to her. Eventually, she embarked on a few challenging activities like driving 18 hours from Nashville to New York in search of inspiration – and love.

  6. She likes Olamide’s ‘Duro Soke’: Do we see a possible collaboration betweenOlamide and Asa in the future? The‘Eyo’ singer revealed that she likesOlamide with ‘Duro Soke’ being her favourite track from the artiste.images (17).jpeg

  7. The title ‘Bed of Stone’ was inspired by her dead dog: In explaining the title of her album, Asa revealed that while writing the song ‘Bed of Stone’, she got the news that her dog, Fifi who she’d had since the time of the release of her first album, passed away. This, in addition to the fact that she’d gone through a lot of challenges in recording the album informed her decision to title the album after the song which captured the mood and essence of the album.

Five Famous Stars that were Once Told They were Talentless


Have a dream to be a star but have been told to give up on that dream? Even a number of famous entertainers have been rejected based on subjective opinion of others. Let’s show some….

Elvis Presley– In his eighth grade music class, he earned a “C-” (below average) grade, and his teacher advised him that he “had no aptitude for singing.” Later his audition for a local quartet was unsuccessful. Continue reading

Vocalist Tips and Traps: What To Do When The Artist Can’t Sing

Let’s start with imaginary optimal conditions. A couple of months before recording, a singer goes into strict training. They give up all smoke, alcohol and drugs (including anti-depressants and tranquilizers), dairy products, caffeine and sugar. They attend regular yoga classes and start working with a vocal therapist (as opposed to a coach) to learn to stretch, flex and develop the muscle groups that can tense up and interfere with vocal production. They avoid all situations where they are exposed to second-hand cigarette smoke. Continue reading

Download Number one by Zeal


Tune in to this distraught tune, Enthusiasm and zeal is a magnificent specialists, an incredible entertainer the first occasion when I head him sing, I thought it was wiz kid performing…… He has discharged a few melodies like blessings, thus numerous others that he is at present working on……

Download quicklyIMG-20180301-WA0001If you haven’t downloaded this wonderful track, i don’t know what you’re still waiting for….quickly click here u know and download this jam……