Old times is finally out



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The most anticipated song from peter_walter is finally out, old times which he released today 25th December 2018, wishes a merry Christmas to all his fans out there, his gift to his fans old times is all about our childhood experiences, not growing old, the cover which have the vintage look that portraits the look of old times


know what the song is all about through the lyrics

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Know your child’s friend



I’ve worked with huge a lot of adolescents and teenagers with conduct issues throughout the long term—and trust me, a few of their folks enjoyed their companions. It’s simply almost like the song of devotion of guardians: “It’s not my kid—it’s those children he spends time with!”

At the purpose once I hear that, I generally say:

“Perhaps that’s thus, yet the reasoning he hangs out immediately bunch is that he’s practically almost like them. the parents of those different children are likely saying something comparable regarding your youngster.”

The familiar adage is valid: winged creatures of a quill do rush together. Also, that’s particularly exact in youthfulness. Surely, one among the first necessities of a young person’s advancement is to possess an area with a gathering and be acknowledged. that’s the rationale youngsters are generally so stressed over what they appear like and act. What’s more, once they discover a way of dress, a sort of music and a gathering of youngsters who acknowledge them, it’s difficult for guardians to urge through.

Let’s create time for our children, spend time with them try to understand them, I can say this that 95% parents do not understand there kids, they don’t know what they’re going through, as a parents you can’t go out criticizing other kids who are your kids friend, that is also like criticizing your own kids because they’re friends too.

Everyone is a teacher, that why you see sometimes only your child’s friend understand them, do create time to spend a lovely time with your kid

Are you depressed ?


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Some positive things to do when depressed

Sometimes in our life we get depressed, we feel like nothing is working for us, we feel like what we are doing is actually not working for us

Well, don’t stress yourself too hard, because it will definitely get better, i myself get depressed, lol sometimes I go to Instagram seeing all the expensive flashy lifestyle makes me wanna cry 😭 it makes me feel like I’m not doing it right

Let me tell you something, not everyone you see on social media is rich, or young and getting it, if you dunno know it now, I like categorizing them in different form

  • The fake ass leakers
  • The borrower aka borrow borrow
  • Fraudsters
  • Big mouth ( mouth makers)
  • The I wanna belong gang ( they follow celebrities who they don’t gain anything from)

So which category do you belong, think twice don’t just be depressed unnecessarily because it’s not nice, you’re a star in the making

There are some tips you need to do to be happy and not think of being depressed , to help you think and create of something you haven’t done before, something you never knew you’re gifted to do, listing out some of the tips I do to see if it might help you too

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I think I will…..


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One thing I love about myself is that I don’t like wearing the latest outfit, tinting trending hair dye or trending stuff, have you ever done something crazy before, drop the crazy things you’ve done that makes you think you crazy 😜

Blue butterfly 🦋

Fun part about me is that I love making my own outfits to represent my personality , i feel somehow whenever I wear something and go out seeing someone else wear d same outfit 😂 I will rather buy some good outfits from ASOS, or any good fashion page, I also go to market to get materials to show you how I love looking different

Whatever you do , whatever outfit you wear put a smile on your face and mind your business because whatever thing you do either good or bad people will always say shits About you and remember you’re special

I gave you my blood to save the rose 🌹

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