I remember the first day i went for a singing audition, i remember the person telling me that my kind of music is not a commercial song, As in who does that,seriously,some species are timid .


I told him, that Nigerian music industry need change , the kind of music done by some of the nigerian artist is funny at times, there by you see someone singing elelelelelelelelelelele till the end of the song…..

Nigerian music industry was cool in 2015, we still need more changes,starting now,2016.


We Nigerians need changeĀ  in our music industry, whats why i love Praiz, Timi dakolo, 2baba, Flavour,Yemi alade and the rest of them….we need change

The Nigerian music industry reverberated and resonated around Africa and the world. Despite piracy and the inclement economic situation in the country with the largest black men and women in the world, Nigerian musicians gave their all in 2015.