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                            Choose What’s Important to you

Who wants steps? I don’t like steps. Never have, even as a kid. When i was younger,I was impatient going up staircase, and because i have two legs, i would bound two or three steps at a time. I would find a way to maneuver around old people because i was too restless to wait for them to navigate their way up or down. i did that until the day i fell going up the steps.



That fall taught me to respect steps,lol,  One a time, they take you to the next level.Now that I’m older, I don’t take hurriedly, cause i have learnt that each step is important

What am i saying? To be successful in life,do things step by step, small, small you will reach your goal. To get to somewhere doesn’t implies you rush.

I know how it is, that you want to reach somewhere ,one thing or the other kept pushing you back, Don’t worry rise and begin again,you will succeed.

Nobody wants steps. They’re not attractive. So decorate your step the way you want to step up to your goal.