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We all hear voices that can have an impact on our destiny decisions.Voices that tell us, you’re not good enough ,you’re wasting your time, they’ll never choose you, or you’re not going to get the job, so just skip the interview.

Sometimes, we do think that we are not made to do something meaningful ,like i always say,your destiny lies in your hand, I remember what my music tutor ‘Miss Grace Bernard,use to say, Inspiration comes in front of us, it depends on who catches the inspiration ,that, the way YOU found what inspired YOU is not the way other persons will be inspired.

Voices remind you of your past so that you continue to live in shame and fear of being exposed, a dangerous form of bondage THAT WILL CAUSE YOU TO LET DESTINY AND OPPORTUNITIES PASS YOU BY.

There is some mistakes some of us make,some listen to peoples voice without listening to themselves,and at turn discover, that is not there calling…………….LEARN TO BE YOU,DISCOVER YOURSELF,AND NOT WHAT THE PERSON TELLS YOU TO.