Pay attention to the thoughts and mental images that pass through your mind, and find out which of them occupies your mind most of the time.

Are your often-repeated thoughts positive or negative? Do you think more about success and happiness or about failure and unhappiness?

Your most predominant thoughts are your key to success or to failure.

Your most repeated thoughts dominate not only your mental world, but also your external, material world. In fact, the external, material world, reflects your inner world.

It is important to mention that the stronger are the emotions that are associated with your thoughts and mental images, the stronger is their impact on your life.

These thoughts and mental images are the key to success or failure, according to whether they are positive or negative. They also act as eyeglasses, through which you see and interpret the world. These same thoughts are responsible for the way you act and react.

Each and every person thinks in a different way and focuses on different thoughts. This makes everyone act and behave in a different way, and go through different situations and circumstances. One might for example, think and believe that he or she do not deserve love or prosperity, and therefore, keep love and prosperity away. Another one might think in a positive way on love or prosperity, and therefore, receive love and attract prosperity.

Creative visualization, which is conscious desire and visualization of a goal, can change your life and take you out of the circle of mere chance and luck. Visualizing the successful outcome of an event, and focusing your mental energy on it, tend to draw it to you.

Creative visualization is the key to success. It is a natural mighty natural power. Everyone possesses this power in some degree, and even uses it, but in unconscious and negative way.