I can confirm to our teeming members, followers and fans of This Forum that APGA Interactive Forum has recorded a first breakthrough in its independent investigation on Chidinma Okeke’s s*x saga.

1. There is a big man, a strong politician in the state behind the s*x recording.
2. The big man ordered and watched the s*x tape.

3. There is a blackmailer who got hold of the s*x tape and has been on this young girl threatening, blackmailing and collecting money from her every month.

4. It is feared that ABS Awka is shielding her from speaking.

5. ABS Awka wants to doctor her speech to save the big politician.

6. The blackmailer has collected over 1. 7million naira from Miss Chidinma and still released the tape.
If you love Chidinma Okeke, let’s push for open hearing by the Anambra state house of Assembly on this scandal. The governor’s wife, commissioner for women affairs and all women activists must step in to save the future of our young girls.

Chidinma has nothing to lose, they have ruined her and she has to open the can of worn. Let all those involved be exposed. She can’t bear the brunt alone.
Details coming up shortly…