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An interview with king francis chikamso


Kenziiblog: One on One

Meet Francis chikamso

Chikamso is my very good friend,his a model, a designer and presently  NUMATVILLE AMBASSDOR.

Kindly introduce yourself

I am king Francis chikamso Amanze the current king model on the island 2016/2017 former Mr continent Nigeria culture, A final year student of chukwuemeka odimegwu ojukwu university uli, course biological science,a model and also an upcoming fashion designer from Imo State

What made you choose modeling

I picked modeling because i know that’s one thing that gives me joy and peace of mind

What’s your experience so far?

Well, so far so good, i have a whole lot of experience both good and bad, but i think the good ones really changed me

I know you will have a role model?


So tell us who?

Definitely, i do first my role model is one who impacts on peoples lives with the little things they do,so my role model is my dad,a man with generous heart

OK, what inspired you most in modeling?

The things that inspired me is to be exposed to many things and to many people and also the ability to do things i can’t do before

Alright,tell us the things you love doing apart from modeling

Well,apart from modeling ,look for me at the dancing floor or swimming pool you will definitely find me there, if am not there find me in my closet creating designs

OK, kindly tell us the agency you’re currently working with

Now am with ace connect and also with my company twin image concept

SO,are you planning on any project,last i heard you organized a project for the widows,how was it like

YES,talking about project,i have a project at hand which i turned into my own foundation ( FEED THE WIDOWS FOUNDATION ) it’s under my venture. The project is a platform to help the reliant widows in our society so it’s a big one

What do you tell your fans and the upcoming models out there

To my fans and friends sure believe me,i will never let you down, i will keep doing my best not to disappoint you and to the upcoming models if it’s your passion gently follow it don’t listen to what people say about it and don’t be in a rush to get to the limelight

OK, it was nice having a one on one interview with you King francis chikamso

Thank you very much

Before we go kindly tell us your social media handles

Owkay, Facebook: Francis chikamso

Instagram: @official-mr francis

Twitter: @st_francio

Facebook page: Mr Francis

I really appreciate your responses Francis chikamso

Thank you.