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God will show you a piece of your destiny, believe in him

Exposure to new thoughts and experiences is sometimes extremely uncomfortable for us because we fear the unknown new arena in God places us.

So God has to reveal our destiny to us in pieces,  if God showed you what the Almighty really had in store for you right from the beginning, it might scare you into corner from which you might never reappear.

Don’t be afraid

God created you and knows what you have the capacity to do_but you don’t 

Sometimes you think you’re not perfect for a particular stuff,because you may have been laughed at by your friends, frenemesis and enemies, forget them,I speak to you today that you’re that special somebody, and inside you is greatness

You’re a star, a celebrity on your own,is no longer you looking for them,but they will look for you because they’ve seen the great zeal,talent in you

Don’t give up.