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Miss nigeria Tyra obiadi

My mum is unbelievably patient –chioma Obiadi, Miss Nigeria— 5th March 2017

Miss tyra chioma obiadi

Current Miss Nigeria, Chioma Obiadi is a paragon of beauty, class and intelligence. The 300-level student of Geography and Meteorology at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka has always nursed the ambition to become a beauty queen. She represented her state Anambra in the pageant which took place at the Eko Hotel and Suites last December. She spoke with Sunday Sun about her mum. Excerpts:

How would you describe your mum?

Mrs. Obiageli Obiadi was a teacher in the primary school I attended and she’s like the best person in the world. She’s amazing, she’s my sister, my motivation, my go-through person. My everything. I grew up without a sister, she was my sister, my support. She’s the person I could go to whenever I’m confused and I know this person has the best for me and she’s going to give me the best example, she’s going to give me the best advice. I love her; she’s been so supportive. I believe she’s the best mum I could ever have. She called me queen Elizabeth, Miss World and told me, “It’s time you actualized the dream that we have had so long.”

What’s that special food of hers that you like?

I pretty much like everything she cooks but the one I enjoy eating most is her ofe akwu. I think it’s called banga as well. I like eating it with rice.

How many children does she have and who is her favourite?

I have three younger brothers and we’re four. I think I am her favourite. I don’t know. I think she likes each of us equally. My mum and my brothers were there with cardboards and they screamed anytime I appeared on stage. I had her full support to contest for Miss Nigeria and she and my siblings were around to cheer me up.

Growing up, what did she tell you about boys?

“Be careful. Focus on your schooling and when you come out a successful woman every other thing will fall in place.” You know, when growing up as a kid, she really knew where I was heading. She was really there to guide me and constantly telling me “This is what you should be doing right now. Focus on your schooling and when you come out, you are a lady of class, a lady that has made a man of herself, that has impacted her society, every other thing will come to you.”

What’s the key thing you learnt from your mum?

Patience. My mum is unbelievably patient. You could push and push her and she’ll just be quiet. So, I learnt that. Sometimes, we are quick to act but you don’t know how many things you can destroy during that moment when you are angry. So, I like to be very patient and I believe that is a wonderful virtue. I will teach that to my children and grandchildren.

What did she tell you about life?

She taught me that there is no such thing as a smooth ride, that life is a roller coaster but you realize at the end of the tunnel no matter how far away the light beams, keep pushing, it could take time but you will get there eventually.