The Sauti Academy is a one-year artist development program for singers, poets & rappers. At Sauti Academy you will become part of an artistic, musically inspired community of like-minded people. As an artist development program, we will offer you a unique platform to develop your talent & gain exposure to various audiences, teachers and a whole lot of inspiration!

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We are organising new rounds of auditions every 4 months. The remaining 2017 audition dates will be:

-29th April 2017 – classes start on 6th of May 2017

-2nd of September 2017

Audition Process

AUDITIONS start at 9am. You don’t need to make an appointment; auditions will happen on a first come, first served basis during that day. We will NOT  audition anyone at Sauti Academy on other dates. Please note that Sauti Academy auditions are free of charge.

Attention: ALL auditions are taking place at the Sauti Academy space at Shalom House, Daniel Comboni Road (off Ngong Road).  


Audition requirements singing

During auditions you’re expected to perform 1 or 2 songs that show us your musicality, uniqueness as a performer and passion for music. You will perform alongside your instrumentalist (keyboard provided in the audition room). Make sure you have practiced with this instrumentalist before the auditions.

Always make sure that at least one of the songs you prepare is in a different language than English.

We will judge you on the following:

-musicality; singing in tune, staying on beat, understanding of the song structure, use of dynamics

-great performance skills; your interaction with the audience & your instrumentalist are important!

-song interpretation; use of dynamics, variations in melody and understanding of the lyrics of the song performed & give the song a unique twist

-uniqueness as a singer/performer; we are looking for memorable voices and unique personalities that can develop into memorable performers :)

-ambition to build a professional musical career

Audition results

1st round: Yes, next round is on Monday the 1st of May 2017 /// No, sorry! You can opt for private classes.

2nd round possible results:

  • Welcome to Sauti Academy!
  • Welcome to Raw Talent!
  • Sorry. You didn’t make it this time. You can opt for private classes.

Please remember…..

You need to audition with a guitarist/pianist who plays for you while you sing (and of course you can also play for yourself!). Music gets better when you collaborate with others.  Even though it might be challenging to find the right person, you will have to put in the time and effort to practice and audition with an instrumentalist.