Only great changes can show us how strong and hardy we are. Only changes are able to prove who is our real friend and who is a fake. So don’t be afraid of changes – they are painful, but you’ll see who is who, after all.

Willing to fight for your happiness is half the battle. First of all, you should listen to your heart and try to find what really makes you happy.

Life will drag you down, because it makes the strongest people fight. There is a saying I believe: “Life only makes the strongest soldiers fight, because it knows that everyone else is already crawling on their knees”.


We all know how it feels to make a change in our lives, we all had our ups and downs, we all had pain in our chest just because of making one little change. Some of us are scared, but actually we shouldn’t be, because a change is normal. Even if it hurts like hell, it will make you stronger and happier eventually.

Happiness is a thing worth fighting for. No matter how hard you think it will be, you have to achieve the goal you set yourself to do, and that the most important thing. Happiness is all about fighting and learning new things, so go and do it!